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Put color on everyday or party with fancy and colorful socks. You will find, socks, knee highs stockings, tights, footies and overknee socks.

From colorful to funky products

At eVare you'll find colorful, funky and more classic products like socks, knee highs, tights and footies.



eVare offers women's socks in many flavors, colors and patterns so there should be something to suit every taste and desire. Socks are an important part of the wardrobe. Find the socks, which suit your style. You will find both socks for men and women.


Knee highs

Use knee highs for everyday or party. You will find a variety of colorful and funky knee highs. Spread happiness and joy with the nice knee highs.



Overknee socks are long, warm and colorful socks that can be used for both everyday and special occasions. Use overknee socks if you want to highlight the style and keep warm. The possibilities are endless with the many patterns, colors and funky overknee socks.



There are many opportunities to put your own stamp on the dress with tights what either using skirt, dress or shorts. Our selection of tights is everything from colors, dots, pattern, funky colors and more simplicity models. In tights you will find the brand Leg Avenue offers funky and great products.



Footies are great for shoes where you do not want to see you wear socks - while you do not go barefoot. Footies are an alternative to socks. See the selection of the various traditional and colorful footies.


Men socks and footies

In category men socks and men footies you find more classic colors, funky styles and colorful products. Explore a variety of men's socks and footies.